Folding Pocket Penknives For Sale in Many Different Shapes and Sizes.

Lambfoot & Sheep Foot bladed pocket knives. Folding knives with Lamb Foot & Sheepfoot blades which have rounded tips & a straight cutting edge, are safer to use and make good work knives. Other blades include; clip-point, spear, drop point, leaf shape, pruning, budding, grafting, florist's, Wharncliffe, peach pruner, spey, pen, & Ettrick.

Stockman - Buy this traditional livestock farmer's knife with 3 different blade types. Available with synthetic, wood or bone handles & stainless or chrome vanadium steel blades. Multi blade knives are more difficult to manufacture, the blades need to be fitted so that there is no blade play and at the same time remain easy to open. Trapper - traditional folding knife design with 2 different blade shapes. Shop and buy Mini Trapper knives with various handle materials and chrome vanadium or stainless steel blades. Equestrian - knife with a folding horse hoof pick in addition to a normal cutting blade, the hoof pick has rounded end to prevent injury to the horse's hoof. Some other pocket knife patterns for sale are; Peanut, Congress, Texas Toothpick, Copperhead, Butterbean, Muskrat, Canoe, Sod Buster, Tackler's, Weaver's & Whittler.

Buy a Barlow pocket knife - Originally a large, single blade, low cost work knife, named after the Sheffield manufacturer who designed the knife over 300 years ago. For added strength, the metal handle bolster was extended to approximately one third of the length of the handle. The bolster is the part of the handle which encases the blade pivot and is the point of greatest strain in a folding knife. Buy a Mercator folding knife - Single blade folding knife with 1 piece metal handle, now made by Otter Messer, Solingen, Germany, the Company which introduced the non locking, UK Legal Carry, Little Mercator knife, available with steel, brass or copper handle. Every Day Carry EDC - non locking, folding blade pocket penknife, the cutting edge of the blade measures less than 3 inches.

Buy a Carbon Steel Folding Knife - generally harder than stainless steel, carbon steel gives an extremely sharp, long lasting cutting edge, requiring less frequent re-sharpening. C70 carbon steel is used by A. Wright, Sheffield & C75 by German manufacturers. Carbon steel knives should be cleaned and oiled after use to prevent corrosion. Chrome Vanadium Steel - exclusive to Case Knives, USA, chrome vanadium steel blades hold a better edge than stainless steel blades, but are less resistant to corrosion. When new, the blades have a mirror polish, this can be maintained by cleaning after use and keeping a light coating of oil on the blades. Other blade steels include; Sheffield stainless, Crucible S30-V, S110-V, Carpenter CTS-BD1, Böhler-Uddeholm K390 steel & N690CO steel, some of which are found in different Spyderco knives.

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