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Purchase single bladed EDC folding pocket knives, from £24 with free UK delivery. UK law restricts the possession of knives in a public place. Carrying a fixed blade knife or lock knife in public in the UK requires a good reason. Lock knives are treated the same way as fixed blade knives in the eyes of the law in the UK. A suitable reason to have a knife in public would be where the knife is needed as a tool of the trade. For example, an electrician actively working on a job would probably not be breaking the law by using a lock knife. Similarly a chef on his way to work in a kitchen would legally be able to carry a set of kitchen knives. Because of the legal restriction on carrying lock knives in the UK, they are not suitable for 'Every day carry' and no lock knives are included.

As a general guide, the only knife allowed to be carried in public in the UK, without any reason is a non locking blade folding pen knife with a blade of less than 3 inches. The full interpretation of UK law is highly complicated, and other restrictions may apply depending on individual circumstances. As there are severe penalties in place for breaking the law on knives, all readers are encouraged to fully familiarise themselves with the law and not to rely wholly on this general information article. Further information can be found online on the UK Government Website

There are many non locking knives on the market, with blades just short of three inches, which afford maximum blade real estate for UK legal carry. The notch joint blade closing design is a safety feature which makes the blade harder to close. The Enzo PK70 knife and Spyderco UK Penknife are some of the knives to include this and also have a halfway blade closing stop position. Purchase Every Day Carry, EDC, folding pocket penknives here with free UK delivery