Barlow Pocket Knives

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Sheffield Barlow Pocket Knives

This Barlow folding knife was designed over 300 years ago in Sheffield, England and was originally a large, single blade, low cost folding work tool knife. The metal handle bolster was extended to approximately one third of the length of the handle to strengthen the pivot. The knife was exported to America and Mark Twain refers to a Barlow knife in his 1876 novel 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'.

The A. Wright & Son, Sheffield version of the Barlow folding knife has C70 carbon steel blade. Note: Carbon steel knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to prevent corrosion. Surface corrosion can be removed with fine sandpaper. A. Wright & Sons, Sheffield Barlow pocket knife is available with round or flat profile bolster. A. Wright Barlow pocket knife has brass handle liners, nickel silver bolsters, with beautiful, polished rosewood handle scales. A. Wright pocket knives have a very strong backspring when new.

Taylors Eye Witness Ltd, located at Milton Street, Sheffield, England has been producing hand made knives for 175 years. The iconic Eye Witness Barlow knife has a superb natural hardwood handle with Sheffield stainless blade, steel handle liners and bolsters. Natural wood grain contains lines and grooves, this is not a fault.