Carbon Steel

Shop and Buy the Best Carbon Steel Bladed Pocket Knives

Buy and own Otter Messer or Loewen Messer folding pocket knives which are hand made in Solingen, Germany with unalloyed, C75 carbon steel blades. Buy A. Wright & Son, Sheffield pocket penknives with C70 carbon steel blades. Due to the hardness of the blade these makes ideal work knives, requiring less frequent re-sharpening. Note: carbon steel knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to prevent corrosion. Surface corrosion can be removed with fine sandpaper. Compared to stainless steel blade pocket knives, the best carbon steel blades, with the correct heat treatment have a finer, longer lasting cutting edge. The lack of corrosion resistance means the knives require more care after use and during storage. It is good practice to wipe the blades with an oily rag after use and oil the joints regularly. The hand finished, mirror polish of Sheffield carbon steel blades can be maintained with due care and attention. Purchase carbon steel bladed folding pocket knives here with free UK delivery.

A. Wright & Son Ltd is a traditional Sheffield pocket knife manufacturer, established since 1947. The full range of folding pocket knives are hand made in Sheffield, England with C70 carbon steel blades. This is unalloyed steel with a fine molecular structure and gives an extremely sharp, long lasting cutting edge. The manufacturing process, including blanking out the blades and springs, hardening and tempering, assembly, grinding and glazing and final polishing is all done in-house. Pocket knives are available with matte finish or high polish glazed blades. Standard models such as the lambfoot knife are available with buffalo horn handle for a slightly higher price.

Carbon steel blade pocket knives are preferrable for work knives as they require less frequent re-sharpening. Otter-Messer, based in Solingen Germany make a range of pruning, budding, grafting, florists and general purpose work knives all with C75 carbon steel blades. Loewen Messer brand carbon steel pocket knives are hand made in Solingen Germany by C. L├╝tters & Cie. The folding pocket knives are intended as every day work knives for the fishery and agriculture industry and for handcrafts. Folding Knives are available with handle materials such as Honduras Rosewood, Olive Wood and Bubinga Wood.