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Background history - Founded in 1932 by Mr Kono Ritter, the Company manufactured fixed blade, outdoors and boy scout's knives. After the 2nd world war, the range of hunting knives was increased, and the brand name Hubertus Cutlery was adopted. This brand name is based on Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of all hunters. According to legend, a visionary deer stag turned and spoke to the hunter while being pursued. The stag lectured the hunter about having compassion for animals as living creatures, and holding animals in higher regard. For example, the hunter should try to ensure a humane, clean and quick kill. Only old stags past their prime breeding years should be shot. The hunter should try and euthanize a sick or injured animal that might appear on the scene. Female deer accompanied by their young should never be shot, to ensure survival of the young deer. Believed to be the origin of ethical hunting behaviour, the legend of Saint Hubertus is referred to during German and Austrian hunter training courses.

The classic folding pocket hunting knife was developed in Solingen, Germany around 1880. Five sizes are manufactured by Hubertus Cutlery, series, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. Series 10, the 'Noble Knife' includes a locking, 5.5 cm blade and measures 8 cm closed. The folding knives are available with various combinations of cutting blades, saw blades and other hunting tools. Series 14 are the largest folding hunting knives, which measure 13.5 cm closed. All of the Hubertus folding pocket hunting knives have brass handle liners, stag horn handle scales and nickel silver bolsters.

Located at Wuppertaler Strasse, Solingen, Germany, Hubertus Cutlery has been run since 1984 by Mr Henning Ritter and his wife. In the past few years the Company has produced a wide range of non locking, folding pocket knives and exported these worldwide. These include single blade penknives and multi bladed stockman models with wood, stag horn and synthetic handles.

The Series 73 pocket knife is based on the Swiss Soldier knife model of 1890, originally manufactured by Wester and Co. in Solingen, Germany. This 6 blade pocket knife includes large blade, small blade, can opener, cap lifter / screwdriver, corkscrew and awl, with buffalo horn handle. Unfortunately, many of the smaller folding penknives are currently unavailable. New, locking blade knives have been introduced, such as the Series 17, single blade lock knife with green micarta handle. Sailors' knives with folding marlin spikes and folding rescue knives with cutting hooks are also manufactured.