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Kissing Cranes brand pocket knives are manufactured by Robert Klaas GmbH & Co. KG in Solingen, Germany. Established in 1834, the Company produces high quality folding pocket knives. The range includes limited edition, 300 layer damascus steel blade folding knives, with a different model produced each year. Shop & buy Kissing Cranes pocket knives with free UK delivery.

Located off Robert Klasse Strasse in Solingen, Germany, the pocket knife manufacturing company is a family business, now in its 6th generation. Established in 1834, the penknife making and packing facilities were originally located in separate buildings. The 'Kissing Cranes' brand was registered in 1893. By 1917 Robert Klass Knives had opened a 4 storey office building and established a dedicated knife fabrication and hardening factory. The Company produced significant quantities of 3 and 4 blade pocket knives, supplying the domestic and export markets.

In 1934 the Company celebrated it's 100th anniversary with the street leading to the headquarters being re-named Robert Klasse Strasse. In 1983, 'Hen and Rooster' brand was acquired, which is distributed exclusively by Frost Cutlery, USA. Limited edition 'Knife of the Year' series was introduced in 1998, with a different, completely hand made, damask steel blade folding knife produced each year.

The 2013 'Knife of The Year', named 'The Dark Rooster' is a recreation of the 100 year old, "Hahne Kopp' pattern. The folding lock knife has a 160 layer, 'Little Rose' design, DSC ® Balbach-Damascus, stainless damast steel blade. The handle is dark colour, aged, Danish bog oak which gives the name to the knife. With high polish, nickel silver bolsters, production was limited to 250 pieces.

The 2012 'Knife of The Year', named 'The Blue Canoe' is a 2 blade Canoe model folding knife. The folding pocket knife has 'Small Roses' pattern, 300 layer, Balbach-Damascus, steel blades, with 6.4 cm (2.5 inches) main blade. The handle is blue wave pattern acrylic, with brass handle liners and high polish, nickel silver bolsters. Production was limited to 250 numbered pieces, each supplied in a gift tin with numbered certificate.