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Leatherman Pocket Multi Tools

Buy Leatherman Small Multi Tool Penknives

The Leatherman Tool Company, based in Oregon, USA, manufactures various models of keyring size multi tools, in addition to the wide range of full size multi tools. Established in 1983, Leatherman multi tools have a 25 year manufacturer's warranty and are all made in the USA. Buy Leatherman keychain size multi-tools which include a 1.6 inch, 420HC stainless steel, non locking blade, except the Style PS model, which does not have a knife blade. Shop and purchase the Leatherman Micra, which was designed in 1996 and is still in production. Available in 6 colour finishes, the Leatherman Micra keychain multi tool contains 10 tools.

The Squirt PS4 key chain multi tool penknife is an updated version of the original Squirt multi tools which were introduced in 2002 and retired in 2010. The Squirt PS4 multitool contains 9 tools including pliers and scissors, and is available with black, blue or red finish alumimium handle. The Style PS and CS multi tools were introduced in 2011 and replaced the original Style multi tool which had a single piece metal handle. The Leatherman Style CS multi tool contains 6 folding tools including a 1.6 inch stainless blade. The Leatherman Style PS contains 8 folding tools, including pliers and scissors, but without a knife blade. The handles of the Style multitools are constructed from glass filled nylon, a highly durble and lightweight thermoplastic containing 60% glass fibre. Measuring only 2.9 inches closed, the Style multi tool can be clipped on a rucksack or bag using the carabiner clip or carried in the pocket as a key chain.