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Shop and buy the Spyderco UK Penknife including 3 current versions of UKPK Knife, smaller Urban knife and low cost Byrd Tern knife. Made in USA, the UK Penknife, C94PBK folding knife has 2.5 mm thick, Carpenter Steel CTS-BD1, full flat grind, leaf shape blade with lightweight black FRN handle. The C94DBL model has Crucible Corporation's S110V steel blade with dark blue lightweight FRN handle.

The latest version of the Spyderco UK Penknife is made in the USA, with a full flat grind, 2.5 mm thick, CTS-BD1 steel blade and light weight, moulded FRN handle. As seen in the video overview, the blade offers a high degree of resistance to closing because of the notch joint design. The thumb hole allows left or right handed opening and the pocket clip can be fitted on either side of the handle. The original UK Penknife measures 4 inches closed. 2.9 inch non locking blade, with 12 mm diameter thumb hole. Handles made of 3 mm thick G-10 with side changable wire pocket clip. Made in Golden, Colorado, U.S.A. Knife is held together with 3 torx screws. Although it is a slipjoint knife (non locking folding blade knife), the blade requires considerable force to close from the fully open position. This is due to the notched heel of the blade tang which engages with the top of the spring. Another notch creates a halfway safety stop when closing the blade.

This is as close to a locking blade in a slipjoint knife you can find. It is safe to open and close the blade with one hand. This makes it an ideal knife for fishing, fox hunting, estate work etc. The blade steel is 3 mm thick American CPM-S30V, top quality expensive knife steel making this an expensive knife. Priced in excess of £80, it is a highly engineered tool which also complies with UK knife carry laws. In 2011, FRN models were fitted with a new, two-pronged spring, making the knife slightly harder to close. In 2012, the blade was changed to a full flat grind, CTS-BD1 steel blade and the blade spring was further improved.