Taylors Eye Witness

Buy Taylors Eye Witness Sheffield Pocket Knives

Shop and buy Eye Witness, stainless blade folding pocket knives. Hand made in Sheffield, England, Eye Witness pocket knives are covered by the manufacturer's lifetime guarantee against defects when used under normal conditions. Taylors Eye Witness Ltd, located at Milton Street, Sheffield, England has been producing hand made knives for 175 years. The hardwood range consists of 9 core pocket knife models; Barlow, Pruner, Peach Pruner, Slim Pruner, Lambfoot, Spear Blade, Clip-Blade, 2 Blade Lambfoot, 2 Blade Spear blade. The economy range includes most of the same models fitted with low cost red synthetic handle and nested stainless handle liners. The Endurance range consists of lambfoot, clip, spear, full pruner and peach pruner style blades available with red or black synthetic handle scales. The 2.5 mm thick, 2.75 inches long blades are flat grind Sheffield stainless steel. Endurance pocket knife is the strongest knife ever produced by Taylors Eye Witness Sheffield, held together by 3, 15 mm T-8 torx fixings. The torx head screws are attached to 5 mm diameter, hexagonal nuts embedded in the 5 mm thick, synthetic handle scales. As well as the sheer mechanical strength of the design, the knife is also fully dismantlable. This enables more extensive cleaning and oiling of the internal parts. The knife is also ideal for custom modifications, such as replacing the handle scales, and decorative file working of the handle liners. Uniquely, the folding pocket knife can be stripped right down to it's individual components. The Endurance pocket knives are excellent value for money. The no frills, reliable work knives share exactly the same blades, back springs and handle liners as more expensive models. The 5 blade profiles of the Endurance range are also found in the hardwood handle range of pocket knives.