Purchase the Best Folding Work Knives

The blade of a folding work knife should be easy to open under working conditions which may include wet or oily situations. Ideally the knife should allow opening whilst wearing gloves, but this is not always possible in multi blade knives. A folding knife design where the blade does not fold completely into the handle and allows a good grip on the blade for opening is preferrable. Shop and buy Folding work knives for electricians, plumbers, engineers, construction, horticultural workers etc. The folding work knife should also have a strong back-spring for health and safety reasons. A blunt tipped blade such as the Lambfoot or Sheep Foot design is also safer to use in a work environment than a sharp pointed blade. It is an obvious advantage if the knife is also a UK Legal Carry, non locking knife with a cutting edge of less than 3 inches. Buy UK legal carry folding work knives with free UK delivery

A carbon steel blade with the correct heat treatment gives a finer, longer lasting cutting edge. For this reason carbon steel work knives are better as they require less frequent re-sharpening. The only drawback is lack of corrosion resistance, which means the knives require more care after use and during storage. Corrosion can be prevented by cleaning and drying the knife after use and applying a light coat of oil to the blade and joints. Stainless steel may be more practical if the knife is in contact with water for an extended duration.

The Yorkshire countryside is a sheep farming area and farmers in Yorkshire have always carried pocket work knives. There's even a folding pocket knife design named after a sheep's foot! Folding pocket knives have been manufactured in Sheffield for hundreds of years. A. Wright & Son Ltd is a traditional Sheffield pocket knife manufacturer, established since 1947. The C70 carbon steel blade folding knives are hand made in Sheffield, England. C70 is unalloyed steel with a fine molecular structure and gives an extremely sharp, long lasting cutting edge. The manufacturing process, including blanking out the blades and springs, hardening and tempering, assembly, grinding and glazing and final polishing is still done in-house. The 'Farmer' folding pocket work knife is exclusive to A. Wright, Sheffield and features a wider blade profile than the typical Lambfoot design. The standard Lambfoot models is available with buffalo horn handle for a slightly higher price.

Otter-Messer, based in Solingen Germany is the manufacturer of world famous left handed budding and grafting knives. The full range of work knives including budding / grafting, florist's, pruning, gardener's, docking, weaver's, harvesting, spinach and industrial knives all have C75 carbon steel blades. Loewen Messer brand carbon steel pocket knives are hand made in Solingen Germany by C. L├╝tters & Cie. Loewen Messer manufacture a range of folding work knives for the fishery and agriculture industry and for handcrafts. These are available with handle materials such as Honduras Rosewood, Olive Wood and Bubinga Wood.